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ProsEkki, Perlwein mit zugesetzter Kohlensäure

ProsEkki, Perlwein mit zugesetzter Kohlensäure

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This medium-dry white is a blend of Scheurebe, Kerner and Riesling with added CO2. An aromatic and fizzy alternative to costly chamapagne.

By the way, Ekki is the nickname of Ekkehard, so Prost Ekki!

Analytische Werte und Details

Inhalt: 0,75L
Jahrgang: 2022
Alkoholgehalt: 11%vol
Restzucker: 17g/l
Säure: 6,3g/l
Enthält Sulfite


Nachhaltiger Anbau

We want to work alongside our environment and with nature, so we avoid the use of mineral fertilisers, herbicides, insecticides and animal or artificial fining agents.


Without the use of animal fining agents.

Unfortunately we only ship within Germany.

Wir versenden in 6er oder 12er Versandkartons mit UPS oder DHL. Größere Mengen werden per Spedition ausgeliefert. Versand nur innherhalb Deutschlands.

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  • Über uns

    FAMILY is very important to us and everybody gets involved. Christine Huff a graduate oenologist and her New Zealand husband Jeremy Bird-Huff are responsible for the wine making. Ekkehard Huff manages the vineyards and the workshop. Doris Huff takes care of our customers. Our youngest generation Philippa, Olivia and our dog Donna keep everyone entertained.

  • Unsere Weinberge

    The ORIGIN of our wines are the vineyards throughout Nierstein and Schwabsburg. On our 10 hectares of land we grow Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, Pinots and local heroes like Scheurebe. The steep red slopes Schloss Schwabsburg, Orbel, Pettenthal and the limestone rich Paterberg make our wines unique.